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If you have any other requests, we can also provide an order plan

- Photo shooting location -

Miyakojima Island

1 additional point option

Duration:Approximately 1.5 hours

Location:1 location

Photo:20 or more shots

Transportation:On foot/car

Attend:Hair and makeup, outfit assistance

Preparation:Guest hotel

basic charge¥ 68,000  (¥74,800 tax in)

Sunset Options

Duration:Approximately 2.5 hours

Location:1 location

Photo:30 or more shots


Attend:Hair and makeup, outfit assistance

Preparation:Guest hote​l

basic charge¥ 68,000 (¥74,800 tax in)

Starry sky options

Duration:Approximately 2 hours

Location:1 location

Photo25 or more shots


Attend:Outfit assistance

Preparation:Guest hote​l

basic charge:¥ 68,000 (¥74,800 tax in)

Movie Drone Options

I will take and edit a one-minute movie.

 Dolon photography is also available for an additional fee.

※Additional fees may be charged if music is designated.


Attend:Hair and makeup, outfit assistance

Preparation:Guest hote

basic charge:¥ 120,000 (¥132,000 tax in)

Movie only

basic charge:¥70,000(¥77,000 tax in)


Drone option


Attend:Hair and makeup, outfit assistance


The proposed location, details of shooting, and price of this plan will vary depending on the image you want, so please contact us.

basic charge:

Drone still image 5 or more cuts:¥30,000(¥33,000 tax in)

Only drone video materials:¥30,000(¥33,000 tax in)

Drone video materials only + 5 still images or more:

¥50,000(¥55,000 tax in)

Option to add 2nd item of clothing

Dress&Tuxedo:1 dress and 1 tuxedo

※This is a dress tuxedo set.

It is possible to add a single item, so please contact us in that case.

Dress & Tuxedo Set

basic charge:¥45,000 (¥49,500 tax in)​ 〜

         ¥61,000 (¥67,100 tax in)

Preliminary date suppression option

※Considering that the scheduled shooting date is

 rainy, we will limit the preliminary date in advance.

 The simple and basic plans do not include

 preliminary dates,

 Please add this option if you wish.


※If you are able to take a picture without any

 problems on the day of shooting, we will not give

 you a refund.

 Thank you for your understanding.

basic charge:¥ 10,000 (¥11,000 tax in)

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